Sunday, July 5, 2009

Circle Pop Out Card

At GASC, I found some fun card templates sold by Let's Party Hearty ( Although I have seen a couple of the template designs available for free on the internet--I bought templates for unusual cards that I had never seen before. One of them was for a circle pop out card. It's a little like a swing card, and a little like a tri-fold shutter card. It's shown above.

Most of the stamps I used to make this card were by CTMH. I don't know who makes the circle geometric frame design. The punched borders were an Ionic Punch. I found the Ionic Punch Border system at last year's GASC at the Purple Daisies booth, although they aren't the only ones to carry it. I used Distress Stickles to accent the capital "T" in the stamped middle panel.

The actual card is a vivid aqua kind of blue. For some reason when it uploaded, the color went weird and looks yellow. I guess Blogger is color blind or something.

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