Friday, October 17, 2014

Halloween Box Card

I love a lot of the designs created by SVG Cuts (, and have bought a bunch of them.  However, although I liked their Halloween box card with spiderweb side flaps, I did not think I would use any of their other designs in that particular set, and $6.99 would be a lot to pay for one box card cutting file.

So I spent the better part of a day and made my own version, using several files which I had bought with my subscription from the Silhouette Online Store. My box card is definitely very similar to the SVG Cuts box, and inspired by theirs about 80%.

Both have the spiderweb flaps, a fence (their fence was wrought iron), trees, and a haunted house.  Their design had gravestones and Jack-o-Lanterns.  Instead, I used a cat and lamp post, as well as a back panel with a moon and bats.  The SVG Cuts had patterned papers on the front and side panels, which I did not do.  Theirs was very cool.  If I had thought I would use at least one or two of the other designs in the set, I would have just bought their Fright Night collection, just as I have bought other sets from them.  Unfortunately, they don't sell files individually.

First, the front view of mine:

Here is a side view, so you can sort of see the bats flying across the moon.

And just in case anyone wonders, no, I can't share or sell the cutting file for my version.  It wouldn't be legal.  However, SVG Cuts does offer some absolutely awesome files, and here is a link to their Halloween set with their box card (it's a little hard to spot in the photo, but it's there), so you can purchase theirs.

I have bought all of their box card sets, and a few other sets they sell. If you haven't looked at what they offer, you should. They have great designs!