Friday, January 12, 2018

More Disney Shirts

For this next shirt, I used some cutting files from the Silhouette Design Store, and did a trace of a Tinkerbell coloring page. First, the front:

And the back:

Another shirt front, traced from a silhouette on the internet (Rapunzel is my favorite princess):

The sun on the back was a Cricut design, with lettering added:

Our husband and wife shirts (yes, my sweet husband was totally willing to wear it):

More shirts to come.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Disney Shirts

When our oldest son and his wife paid off their house in 2016 and became debt free, they decided to celebrate by saving up for a trip to Walt Disney World. We were invited to join them. It sort of morphed into a big family reunion, with members of my daughter-in-law's family, as well as all of our own kids and grandkids.

It had been over 20 years since we had visited Disney, but I remembered that Disney shirts were pricey. Besides, who wants a shirt that several other people are bound to be wearing? I let members of my family choose what they wanted, and I created the shirts.

I thought I would have them all done in short order. Wrong. Those shirts took me weeks to create, but I made a total of at least 26 shirts, most of them different from each other. Most were inspired by shirts I saw on Pinterest. A couple of them were made using files I had bought from Cricut. Some were adapted from clip art, and a few were truly unique and original.

Most of the family doing the planning opted for a basic Mickey or Minnie Head in solid black on a red t-shirt. Most of them had younger kids and wanted something simple.  I don't have little kids anymore and have more craftinng time. I wanted something a bit nicer. The Minnie head made of small Mickey heads was an idea that I saw on Pinterest. This was my first shirt. I liked it enough that I put it on a tote bag, as well as on a belt bag. The belt bag (not shown) was a royal pain to do because the zippers limited the space available for applying heat. I had to do it with my iron instead of my heat press.

The next one was adapted from the design that most of the family were doing. At least two of the families had paid off all debts, including their homes. My husband and I are still working to pay off our house. Anyway, the "Debt Wars" idea was expanded by them. I simplified what was in the box, since theirs said, "Debt free."

I will say this, that despite the huge crowds at Disney during Christmas to New Year's, the green shirts were easy to spot!

More photos to follow. Everyone in my family chose unique shirts.  I had to design what they wanted, create the cutting files, and then make them. We were pretty happy with the results.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Vinyl Fall Decor

I love using my Cameo for cutting vinyl. Last fall, I made a couple of plaques as part of my Thanksgiving decor. I think both were designs from the Silhouette Design Store. I got the charger with leaf border at Hobby Lobby last year. The ceramic tile in the lower photo was leftover from my bathroom remodel. It had a glossy, smooth surface which was perfect for applying the copper vinyl.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Fall Layout - Cox Farm

Yes, this is a 4 page layout. I realize that most people prefer one page layouts these days, or a two page spread at most. Sometimes I just have too many photos that I want to include in my albums.

This 4 pager is actually one of my favorite layouts, but it was also one of our favorite places to go to in the fall every year. Our two younger sons both took turns working there, but we started going to Cox Farm's Fall Festival long before they were old enough to be employed there. It was only about half a mile from our home in Virginia (the house which we sold a little over a year ago in order to move to another state). Because it is a popular local place, the paper used for the first two pages was a custom order that the LSS (now closed) had special ordered.  Since I only had two sheets of that paper, and I really did not want the entire layout to look the same, anyway, I improvised a bit on how to get the third and fourth pages to coordinate.  I used stamped images, pinwheels, and burlap to tie all of the pages together.

Cutting fabric with the Silhouette

This week I tried something new with my Cameo: I cut fabric to make an applique for my son's costume. I forgot to use the fabric blade that I had bought long before. Apparently there is a reason you are supposed to use a fabric blade. It still cut most of the way, but not as cleanly, and I ended up completing the cut with my scissors. I did iron on adhesive before cutting, in order to apply the dragon applique to the fabric of my son's tabard. I also stitched it, mostly because this was a last minute project, and I had more time than he did.  My son can sew. In fact, he made the tabard itself. All I did was convert the dragon design he emailed me into a cutting file, cut it for him, and zig zag the applique on while he was at work.

Oh, for those who may be wondering, the furry thing on his shoulder is a griffin shoulder puppet from Midsummer Knight's Dream. He can make it move so naturally that some people have actually asked if it's real.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

October Perpetual Calendar

This is a project I created a few years ago. I had seen a perpetual calendar made using scrapping paper, and decided that it would be fun to make one for October.  I found the black tray at Michael's. I used wood blocks, painted them black, then used Halloween papers and stamps that I had on hand. I'm not going to even try to list everything I used. Few, if anything, would still be available, anyway.

Halloween Plaque

This is a plaque I made a couple of years ago, using a design from Silhouette.

It was simple and fast, just vinyl on a tile.