Friday, June 2, 2017

One More Homemade Christmas Gift from 2015

Last summer I posted pictures of some gifts that I had made for 2015 Christmas. Money was tight that year, because we were gearing up to start renovations on our home prior to selling it. 

Home decor projects made with regular vinyl are very affordable to make, so one of my projects was a cooky jar for my then 22 year old son.  He loved it and took it with him to college. The container was one I found at Walmart, which only cost about $3. I filled it with Costco cookies.

To make the design, I found clip art on the internet of Chewbacca, which I turned into a cutting file.  I used a font called Star Jedi to label it.

For those wondering if I still do paper crafting, yes, I do. I have been gathering my pictures, and taking pictures of the things I have made but didn't take time to post during our renovating, decluttering, packing, moving, and unpacking days.  I'm actually surprised at how much crafting I squeezed in, but mostly it was because I had a regular scrapping day each month with my friends.

Two More HTV Projects

The above is an apron, using a design from the Silhouette Design Store that I had cut and had ready for about a week. However, the heat press uses a lot of power, so I don't want to do just one project at a time.  The phrase was cut with Silhouette heat transfer vinyl (HTV), which was much harder to work with.  It took several tries with the heat press. I even increased the heat (which had worked fine for the shirt below), and it still took several pressings to get the Silhouette vinyl to stick. The HTV which I prefer to work with is the Siser brand, and which I get from Vinyl Outlet when I visit Salt Lake City. Thankfully, it looks like they do ship, because I'm going to want more of the good HTV. I won't be buying any more of the Silhouette brand vinyl. I had heard it was not as good, but I had already bought some. Now I understand why it is not as good.

The panda shirt below was a phrase which I saw on a meme and decided to put on a shirt.  The pandas are from the Silhouette Design Store.

I know that my HTV projects have been pretty simple, but I'm pretty new to this type of project.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) Projects

These are my first heat transfer vinyl projects using a heat press. I have done a couple of t-shirts before, just using a regular iron. That was a pain. The heat press was much easier. The bib was my first project. I had it on hand, so I figured it was no loss if I messed up. The phrase on the bib was from the Silhouette store.  The t-shirt phrase was also from the Silhouette design store, but I tweaked it by incorporating other designs.  I added the musical notes, the dancer, and changed out the word "dance" with one from another  Silhouette design store file.  I was very happy with how it turned out.

On a recent trip to Salt Lake City, I had visited the Vinyl Outlet store with my daughter. They have a bunch of projects on display in a room there, including a black t-shirt with a filigree pumpkin. I bought a sheet each of the orange and green glitter HTV, but when I came home, I could not find any design at Silhouette or online that was nearly as nice as the one on display at the store.  It turns out, it was the project for a class. So I created my own version.  It's not exactly like the one they had, but close enough. The leafy flourish I used was from the Silhouette store.  I copied, welded, subtracted, and drew some things with my mouse, using the Silhouette software. It took me awhile to create it.  I could have done the entire thing from scratch, but I'm lazy, and it would have taken me a lot longer. 

More HTV projects to come later!

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Where has the time gone?

2016 was kind of a blur. After living in the same house in Virginia for 33 years, we decluttered, packed up, renovated, and sold it.  We moved to Texas. Right after moving, some family challenges occurred, so getting unpacked and settled took a bit more time than we'd hoped. Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays were busy, busy, busy, and we put some of the unpacking on hold. We are mostly unpacked now, although there are still boxes in the garage where my husband's car needs to go. My craft room was mostly set up, but then I realized the shelves were sagging and needed replacing. I bought some new shelves, and had to pull everything apart as I replaced sections of shelving, so it went from a "ready to craft" state to a "chaos again" state. Our two youngest sons both moved in for the summer, too, so I went from being an empty nester to being a mom again, complete with cooking for two young men with healthy appetites. At least they do their own laundry. I haven't had much time for crafting. I've made a card or two, and a few pieces of jewelry, but my papercrafting has been put on hold for the most part. I am hoping to get back to doing some major crafting soon.

For Mother's Day this year I got a heat press. I am recovering from Shingles, so I haven't felt up to doing much, but I have done a couple of t-shirts. This could be a lot of fun.

Once I figure out how to post pictures here again, I will add a few photos. It's been so long that I can't remember how I did that in the past. I'm not seeing any option for uploading from my iPad.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Christmas Gifts 2015

I gave each of my daughters-in-law a lost sock sign. I adapted the idea from Pinterest. I started with a plain board from a craft store, nailed on clothes pins, painted it, then sealed it so the vinyl would stick. I used a Silhouette Design Store file and added the phrase I wanted.  I want to make one for me, too, eventually.

What I gave the guys were Star Wars Root Beer Mugs. I found clip art on the internet, turned it into a stencil, and use Armour Etch.  I molded the Millenium Falcon chocolate in a Star Wars chocolate mold. I also added a Death Star ice cube mold to go with it.  It was a huge hit among the guys!


I bought fake snowballs on Amazon and made snowball fight kits for each of the grandkids. No pain when they hit, they make the sound of packed snow when you scrunch them, and they are definitely lots and lots of fun!

Although all of my gifts were at least partly homemade, I am pretty happy with how they turned out. I also felt that there was more to the gift than just the usual "shop, wrap it, give it" that it has been in the past.  There was a part of me in each gift, and I was really excited to give my gifts and see how the recipients liked them.

It would be hard to find something else as cool to make, though, so I think this was the only homemade Christmas. Besides which, it took a ton of time.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Yes, I do still scrap, stamp, and craft.

This is a note of explanation to the few who have followed my papercrafting blog, in case there are any of you left.

I have made new projects over the last several months, but taking the time to get a picture and upload it has not exactly been a high priority because of everything that has been going on with my family.  We have taken more trips this past year than any other year of our marriage, but there is a reason.  Notice I say "trips" and not "vacations."  The trips were fun and wonderful, but they all had a purpose.  This past year's travel has been leading up to a major change in our lives.

In addition to the trips, we have been working a lot more seriously on getting our home dejunked and ready to sell.  Since we have been in this house for 32 years, it's a bigger undertaking than I had expected.  Everything seems to take longer than it should, including sorting through everything to decide what to take with us.

We are moving halfway across the country, so this is a really, really BIG move and change for us.  If all goes well, I will have an actual scrapbook room in our new home, where I can craft my little heart out, so eventually I will have lots of new projects to share.  In the meantime, I will still try to get some of my projects from the last six or seven months uploaded, too.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Get Well Card

Right now my favorite stamp company is Heartfelt Creations.  I love their stamps with matching dies.  At the Scrapbook Expo, I bought their Blazing Poppy set, and this is a card I made with the Blazing Poppy flowers.

The leafy flourishes were done with Spellbinder dies.  The lattice with labels behind are a Silhouette Store cutting file.

The only problem is the flowers are too thick to put into an envelope for mailing. I had to make a box to send the card, which I gave to my brother to hand carry to my sister.