Friday, July 22, 2016

Christmas Gifts 2015

I gave each of my daughters-in-law a lost sock sign. I adapted the idea from Pinterest. I started with a plain board from a craft store, nailed on clothes pins, painted it, then sealed it so the vinyl would stick. I used a Silhouette Design Store file and added the phrase I wanted.  I want to make one for me, too, eventually.

What I gave the guys were Star Wars Root Beer Mugs. I found clip art on the internet, turned it into a stencil, and use Armour Etch.  I molded the Millenium Falcon chocolate in a Star Wars chocolate mold. I also added a Death Star ice cube mold to go with it.  It was a huge hit among the guys!


I bought fake snowballs on Amazon and made snowball fight kits for each of the grandkids. No pain when they hit, they make the sound of packed snow when you scrunch them, and they are definitely lots and lots of fun!

Although all of my gifts were at least partly homemade, I am pretty happy with how they turned out. I also felt that there was more to the gift than just the usual "shop, wrap it, give it" that it has been in the past.  There was a part of me in each gift, and I was really excited to give my gifts and see how the recipients liked them.

It would be hard to find something else as cool to make, though, so I think this was the only homemade Christmas. Besides which, it took a ton of time.