Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hand Created Backgrounds with Stamps Part 2

Creating a background using multiple colors will take more time than using a single color. With a single color you can put everything on one large acrylic block, ink and stamp a few times, and you're done. If you want additional colors, it takes a little more effort. I created this paper for a fall layout. I haven't added the pictures yet, so you can clearly see the variety of stamps and colors used.

I stamped the wheat row all with one color using a 2x6 block. The wheat was from a CTMH stamp set. I put the different botanical stamps from a Gel-Tins set on smaller individual blocks. I tried to use my bottom stamped row like a guide ruler. I inked and stamped each individual stamp progressing continually to the right as I stamped the second row. That meant I had to change to a different stamp and ink color each time I stamped. I stamped another row of wheat, and then another row of botanicals. I find it easier to get a uniform look by stamping in a very orderly pattern. I do not get nearly as satisfactory results when I stamp at random.

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