Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hand Created Backgrounds with Stamps Part 1

One of the easiest ways to create a unique background is to stamp it. Sometimes I have found great patterned papers at the LSS, but realized the colors didn't go well with my photos. Sometimes I have looked for papers at the LSS, but didn't find anything with the theme I wanted. I can almost always create a background paper from plain cardstock using my stamps. With alphabet stamps I can create words that fit my theme. Or I can combine stamps from one or more stamp sets to create a block that will quickly cover my cardstock with my chosen design. The easiest is to create a background using one color only. My Sneak Peak layout was a page designed for ultrasound photos. Unfortunately, despite numerous baby papers at the scrapbook store, it was hard to find ones that went well together and had matching colors. So I stamped the top part of the Sneak Peak Layout using a variety of baby words on a 4x6 acrylic block. I used a single ink color, so it stamped very fast. It took a longer time to set up the acrylic block, but because I got the result I wanted, it was worth it.

For those who may wonder, the title was created in Illustrator, cut with a Wishblade electronic cutter, and I used the Grasshopper font.

To get a close up view of the "Sneak Peek" layout, position the hand over the layout and click. It should enlarge enough to see more clearly. If you look at it close up, you will see slight imperfections in the stamping--mainly where I didn't press down uniformly. That is one of the risks of hand created backgrounds. They won't be as perfect as the ones you buy at the LSS.

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