Friday, June 2, 2017

One More Homemade Christmas Gift from 2015

Last summer I posted pictures of some gifts that I had made for 2015 Christmas. Money was tight that year, because we were gearing up to start renovations on our home prior to selling it. 

Home decor projects made with regular vinyl are very affordable to make, so one of my projects was a cooky jar for my then 22 year old son.  He loved it and took it with him to college. The container was one I found at Walmart, which only cost about $3. I filled it with Costco cookies.

To make the design, I found clip art on the internet of Chewbacca, which I turned into a cutting file.  I used a font called Star Jedi to label it.

For those wondering if I still do paper crafting, yes, I do. I have been gathering my pictures, and taking pictures of the things I have made but didn't take time to post during our renovating, decluttering, packing, moving, and unpacking days.  I'm actually surprised at how much crafting I squeezed in, but mostly it was because I had a regular scrapping day each month with my friends.

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