Monday, March 3, 2014

Stamped Paper Piecing

I often use my electronic cutters to make paper piecings, but they lack the details that you can get with stamps.  Yes, I can just color my stamps, but by stamping and turning it into a paper piecing, you have a little more dimension, and it simply has a different look.  It's a nice variation once in awhile.  To start, I use slightly darker colors of inkpads than my colors of cardstock.

Then I cut out the parts of each color that I want to use, the green leaves, the pink flowers, etc., and glued them to the base.  The stamped black image is the guide.  If I were to do this with this same stamp again, I would probably stamp my base in the brown and omit stamping the kraft cardstock. The twigs were a little thin for hand cutting.  You may have noticed that the stamped images were not perfect, but that doesn't show once the pieces are cut out and glued to the base.

Anyway, here is my finished paper piecing.  You can click on the picture for a closer up view.

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