Monday, March 3, 2014

Another Blast from the Past

On one of the message boards, there was a challenge to post an old layout. This was my very first layout ever.  I was a stamper before I was a scrapper, so naturally, I stamped my page.

These other three were a little later, but still pretty early on in my scrapping days.

I was known as the Duchess of Decorative Scissors.  This is not my best example, but it is an early example.  Notice also the dingbat paws title in the scalloped circle.  The other paws were stamped.  And of course, I used stickers, but I had learned by this time that sticker sneezes are a no-no.

Remember the paper doll craze?  Well, unless you go way back in scrapping trends, you probably don't.  But take it from me, paper dolls were a hot trend once upon a time in the scrapping world.

And another craze was kaleidoscopes, which brings me to my last blast from the past for today, or for this post, anyway.  I reserve the right to show off more old trends if I feel like it.

I used to teach classes on every one of these trends.  Wow, long time ago.

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