Friday, August 5, 2011

Playing with Mudd Puddles

At least a couple of years ago at GASC, I discovered an interesting product called Mudd Puddles. Basically, it's a little jar with sand in it, with glue mixed in. There are different colors of sand you can buy, because beaches can vary considerably in color and makeup.

You spread Mudd Puddles on your chipboard/cardstock (or whatever you want) for texture. Now you can get it with tiny seashells, too. Above is a title I made today for a beach layout. The layout is still in progress, but I'm pretty happy with the title. Besides Mudd Puddles, I used Glossy Accents to give a shine on the upper part of the letters, to make one think of water, like waves lapping on the sand.


  1. The glossy accents is a really nice touch on that title. Finishes the letters well!

  2. Sorry it is not Glossy accents it is Mudd Puddles Sand and there shells. I see now they have Sea Glass and Beach Glass. Awesome Stuff already has Glue in it.

  3. Responding to Anonymous: As I said in my post, I used BOTH Glossy Accents and Mudd Puddles, and I believe that Fairy Cardmaker was referring to the Glossy Accents used on the area not covered by the Mudd Puddles. I used Glossy Accents to give a "water" look to the chipboard above the Mudd Puddles sand and shells. Both Mudd Puddles and Glossy Accents are great products!