Thursday, August 20, 2009

Martha Stewart Punch Around the Page measurements

I've been playing around with my new Martha Stewart Punch Around the Page sets. If they came with information, it must have gotten thrown out accidentally with the packaging. Or maybe it was on the package, but I can't read small writing anymore.

It helps to cut your cardstock so that the sides have one of the following measurements (inches): 3.25, 5, 6.75, 8.5, 10.25, and 12 inches all work so that the corner and border match up well. Cutting a piece of cardstock to 5x6.75 inches will result in a photo mat that fits a 4x5.75 inch photo. You have to trim just a tiny bit off your 4x6 photo, but not much. For the card in the post just below, I used a 3.25 inch square, which was very easy to get it just right.

The first of the Punch Around the Page punch sets I bought was the spiderweb corner and border that was used for the Halloween card below. However, I also recently found the much coveted loop border and corner set, too, although I had to go to three different Michaels stores to find them.


  1. Thanks you for the information :)

  2. Very helpful, you have saved me a lot of time, many thanks.