Saturday, October 17, 2009

Christmas Advent Calendar tags

Here is a list of the "activities" that I used on each of the tags for the advent calendar in the previous entry:

Bake Christmas cookies and give some away.
Set goals for the new year.
Do something kind for someone from church.
Write a note of appreciation to someone who might not expect to be thanked.
Make a list in your journal of several things you are very thankful for.
Mail a special card to one or more family members who live far away.
Set up a nativity and sing "Away in a Manger."
Give a hug to someone in your family.
Take a treat to a neighbor.
Make an ornament for your tree.
Cut out a snowflake and stick it on the window.
Take a picture today (or pose for one).
Talk to a friend.
Call one of your Parents or your Grandparents.
Sing Christmas carols to your neighbors.
Give food or clothes to someone in need.
Make a stocking for Baby Jesus and think of a gift to give to Him.
Say a prayer for our missionaries and soldiers.
Read a fun story about Christmas.
Read the Christmas story from the scriptures.
Watch a Christmas movie as a family.
Take a treat to your home teacher.
Visit someone who is lonely.
Hang up your stockings.

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