Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine Box Card

I have purchased some of the SVG Cuts Box Card sets, and I get excited every time I see a new set released by them.  Unfortunately, I was disappointed with their 2014 Christmas box card set, and I liked only one of the 2015 Valentine set.  If they sold designs individually, I would have bought their Valentine mailbox box card design in a heartbeat (pun intended), but I couldn't bring myself to spend $7 for just one design.  (See the Halloween Box Card entry--this was recent history repeating itself.)  The Valentine mailbox box card looked fairly easy to make.  I figured I could just use some designs from the Silhouette store for the embellishment, which is what I did.

It took me two days to make it.  It took longer than I expected to create the actual mailbox design, and longer than it should have to find shapes to use, cut them, and assemble everything.  Seriously, I need to just buy the SVG Cuts set next time, even if there is only one design I like.  This is the second time I have created my own version strongly inspired by an SVG Cuts design.  I am obviously a slow learner.  My time is worth more than the cost of the set.

I was pleased with how it turned out, though, even if it did take a ridiculously long time to make.  I made it for my husband for Valentine's Day.

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