Saturday, June 11, 2011

Another Blast from the Past: Paper Dolls

I haven't gotten any more recent layouts scanned, but I still have a few oldies that were scanned years ago. Paper dolls were one of the trends years ago. The Trek Or Treat dolls were made with the Jill's Paper Dolls templates, although the Star Trek outfits and logo were my own creation. Unfortunately, because the emblem used for the "O" in "OR" was made of a metallic paper, it didn't scan very well and is hard to see in the scan.

My favorite paper dolls, though, were the ones that were stamped. Debbie's Dolls stamp sets were my favorite of the paper doll stamps. There were so many cute combinations of clothes and hair. Although I don't show it here, I also sometimes used a child stamp and just stamped it onto different colors of cardstock, cut out the different pieces and layered them like paper piecing for a paper doll look. I always was a sucker for stamps, but as I've mentioned before, I was a stamper before I was a scrapbooker.

Paper dolls are definitely a thing of the past now, but for a big grownup girl who was once a paper doll loving little girl, they were lots of fun to make.

I kept all my old scissors and paper doll tools for my grandkids to play with when they come to visit. Yes, those Star Trek kids in the top layout are all grown up now.

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